John Stowell & Christopher Woitach – Jazz Guitars

J. Stowell & C. Woitach              The Jazz Project Scene, Portland Branch

Christopher Woitach  “When I first started playing jazz guitar, I went to the public library and borrowed the first jazz album I could find with a guitarist on the cover. That guitarist was John Stowell. My reaction was along the lines of: “I could never do that!”

This recording represents a full circle for me, and I’m grateful to Jud and John for the opportunity.

John has the unique ability to pull out unexpected music from the musicians who play with him, leaving them forever expanded. While we were playing the concert, I heard and played things I hadn’t before. For a musician, this is a peak experience, and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity.

John Stowell  “Christopher swings, has a warm sound, ample technique and big ears. All of these attributes make him an ideal duo partner.

For our concert together, we both contributed some tunes and had a quick rehearsal. The sound at the Lucia Douglas Gallery and the wonderfully attentive audience made for a great afternoon.

I look forward to playing more with Christopher in the future.”

“John Stowell & Christopher Woitach – Live” – $15.00
Stowell - Woitach - Live CD 1. Scene
2. Zingaro
3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
4. Solar
5. Carminhos Cruzados
6. I Wish/Isfahan
7. There is No Greater Love


John Stowell – guitar
Christopher Woitach – guitar