Noah Peterson – Jazz Tenor Sax

 Noah Peterson             The San Antonio Scene
A seasoned veteran of blues, rock, funk and military bands, offers a clear, true voice and a new vision. The consummate professional in every sense, his group reflects his vision at the center of their improvisation.

Turning pop tunes into jazz classics; polishing jazz standards into bright new gems, his talented musicians offer the perfect balance to Noah’s fine horn playing; they are light to Noah’s shadow, as they groove to the mystic depths of his untamed saxophone. Like the best high wire act these gentlemen perform without a net.

“Live at Biddy McGraw’s” – $17.00
CD 1. Song for My Father
2. June Bug
3. So What
4. Feel Like Makin’ Love
5. Take the “A” Train
6. But Beautiful
7. Watermelon Man
8. Song for My Father 
Noah Peterson, tenor sax
Jay Stapleton, guitar

Dennis Caiazza, bass
Edwin Coleman III, drums