About Us

World Jazz Scene – The Origin of WorldJazzScene.com 

“In 1999, Jerome Gray approached me about collaborating on a site offering jazz musicians and educators an additional venue for showcasing and selling their materials. For the most part, the artists featured on these pages are self-published, and therefore, without major publishers and labels promoting their product, are not as likely to receive well-deserved international attention. While all of them have performed with some of the biggest names in the jazz world, for the most part, with a couple of notable exceptions, they have chosen a more stable home life over a lifetime on the road. Here you will find some truly amazing performers and educational materials that will delight you – guaranteed!”

Jerome eventually sold me his interest in the site, choosing to spend his time on other areas of interest. But I will always appreciate his friendship and interest in making World Jazz Scene as successful as possible. I also appreciate the opportunity this site has given me to get to know, and develop friendships with some remarkable musicians.     Ron King

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