Educational materials by Jay Clayton, Randy Halberstadt, Barney McClure, Jerome Gray and Ed Neumeister

World Jazz Scene is proud to feature jazz educational materials from some of the greatest artists and educators in the world of jazz, brought to you by World Jazz Scene.

Jay Clayton – Jazz Singing

Jay has taught vocal jazz at New York City College, the Banff Center in Canada, the Bud Shank Workshop in Port Townsend, Washington, the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado and in music schools in Cologne, Berlin and Munich, Germany, and in Graz, Austria. She tours the world giving workshops and concerts as well as sharing her visions of her art with stellar recordings.

Sing Your Story

A Practical Guide for Learning and Teaching the Art of Jazz Singing. 72 pages. What new songs/material are you working on? Can you “talk down” arrangements easily and briefly? Do you vocalize every day? How do you work on improvisation? Do you have good promo material? When is your next performance?

Jazz Vocal Practice Series Vol. 1

Exercises designed for warming up, improving breath control, widening your range, and improving accuracy and intonation.

Jazz Vocal Practice Series Vol. 2

Vamps to improvise over including 3/4 time, bebop, dorian, latin, 5/4, phrygian, and major and minor blues.

Randy Halberstadt – Jazz Piano

Barney McClure – Jazz Piano

 Metaphors for the Musician” (Perspectives from a Jazz Pianist)

This is a philosophical work of art, a different and effective approach to learning to play jazz piano. He paints visual pictures that clearly illustrate issues involved with playing jazz piano, improvisation, accompanying others, etc., then, equally clearly, offers practical solutions.

 “There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake” (I Was Only Trying Something……..) 

This book is personable, fun, and to the point. Beginning to advanced theory, left-hand styles, exercises, tons of examples, rhythmic styles, intros and endings, alternate scales, blues…… a wealth of information for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of jazz piano.

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Jerome Gray – Jazz Piano

Ed Neumeister – Jazz Trombone

 Compin’ Jazz

Jazz piano studies with two-handed chord voicing for twelve standards. This book gives great insights into modern chord voicings from one of the masters of jazz.

This book was written exclusively for Ron King to sell exclusively on World Jazz Scene. 

 Trombone Technique “through music”

In this book, world-renowned Ed Neumeister describes his philosophy and methods of practicing the trombone. Most of his methods can be used for musicians of any instrument. He believes that we should always play with as much personality and feeling as possible within the given musical expression.