Armonica – Jazz Vocal

 Armonica                      The Portland Scene
armonenter One of the first things you notice about Armonica is her presence. In the fullest sense of the word she is all there – completely in the song and in the moment. And you can’t help but be right there with her. Armonica came to the Northwest jazz scene from Alaska. It was at one of Portland’s legendary Jazz Jam Sessions that she met nationally-known percussionist Ron Steen and joined his band. She had performed with musicians including Russell Malone, Dan Faehnie and Ben Wolfe, all members of Diana Krall’s band. She also works with nationally and internationally renowned artists such as John Stowell, Jessica Williams, George Mitchell, Dan Balmer, Dave Captein, Dave Evans and Tom Grant. Drummer Ron Steen says her “passionate approach” and “fresh vocal style” set her apart from other jazz interpreters in the area.

Jazz lovers will appreciate what Steen calls her “sultry voice, true jazz sensibilities and well-developed improvisational skills.” Often likened to Sarah Vaughn or Carmen McRae, Armonica nevertheless has her own take on a repertoire that includes a vast array of jazz favorites and lesser-known gems. 

From Me to You – $25.00    
Armonica cdcover9 1. I Love Being Here With You 
2. Shall We Dance?
3. The Nearness of You 
4. Estate
5. I’ll Take Romance 
6. Lotus Blossoms
7. After Hours
8. Desafinado 
9. Emily
10. Lullaby of the Leaves
11. Bird Alone
Armonica – vocals,
Dan Balmer – guitar

David Evans – Sax
Tony Pacini – piano

Ben Wolfe – bass
Dave Captein – bass

Ron Steen – percussion