Becca Duran – Jazz Vocal

 Becca Duran                 The Seattle Scene

 Becca Duran is a Los Angeles, California native and is now a resident of Seattle. She is an accomplished jazz singer who is known for the beauty of her sound, excellent time feel and superb phrasing. Her singing matches flexibility and purity of tone with intelligence, wit and sensuality. She tells a story and creates an ambiance in the best tradition of the art form.

She is a vocalist who consistently delivers emotionally honest phrasing, true to the lyrics and melodies of a wide variety of re-examined jazz standards.Becca first showed up on the Seattle jazz scene in the late 70s. She played gigs with many of the finest jazz instrumentalists in the area, several of them legends, including Red Kelly, Freddie Greenwell, Buddy Catlett, Floyd Standifer, Julian Priester, Bill Ramsay and Jack Perciful. She worked with other seasoned musicians like Joni Metcalf, Dean Hodges, Chuck Metcalf, Bob Nixon and Jim Knapp. Becca also performed with Dave Peterson, Denny Goodhew, Chuck Deardorf, Dave Coleman, Dean Johnson and Marc Seales.

 A singer for all seasons, Becca continues to work today with many rising stars such as Gary Versace, Jon Wikan, and Joshua Wolf of New York City, and John Hansen, Chris Stover, and Geoff Harper based in Seattle. Becca is a lyricist and has collaborated with composers and singers on a variety of projects. She has written lyrics in English, French and Spanish. Her lyrics are often playful, celebrating life and love in all its pathos and humor.
Song for Rita – $18.50
Becca songforrita 1. Song For Rita
2. Antigua
3. I’m Glad There Is You
4. Little B’s Bounce
5. Haven’t Got Anything Better To Do
6. Amazonas
7. So Tinha de Ser Com Voce
8. Wu Wei
9. Leaving 
10. Vineet’s Blues
11. Brigas, Nunca Mais
12. Waltz for Joanne
13. Au Contraire
Becca Duran, vocals
Jay Thomas, trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor/soprano saxes, flute Miguel Carrido, bass
Luis Peralta, drums and percussion
Rick Reed, guitar
Norman Durkee, keyboard
Joshua Wolff, keyboard
Chas (Vineet) Davidson, guitar
Mark Ivester, drums and percussion
If You Could See Me Now – $17.00
Becca ifyoucould


1. Ain’t Got Nothin’ But the Blues
2. Just One of Those Things
3. He Was Too Good to Me
4. I Had the Craziest Dream
5. Going to Chicago
6. The Girl from Ipanema
7. If You Could See Me Now
8. I Wish I Knew
9. Born to Be Blue
10. Everything I Love
11. Face I Love
12. How About You
13. Trav’lin’ Light
14. Who Cares?
Jay Thomas – trumpet & saxophones
Larry Fuller – piano
Bill Ramsey – alto sax
Doug Miller – bass
Gary Shutes – trombone
Jon Wikan – drums
Denny Goodhew – baritone sax, clarinets
Craig Hoyer – piano
Travis Shook and many more.
Different groups on various tracks.