Cathi Walkup – Jazz Vocal

 Cathi Walkup                  The San Francisco Scene
Walkup Singer-songwriter Cathi Walkup is clear about what she wants and isn’t shy about how to get it. She also has an infectious sense of humor that endears her to audiences and fellow musicians alike.The Saint Louis, Missouri, native has that and more. She’s quick with the quips and one-liners and loves to tell musician jokes. (“What do you call a trombonist with a beeper? An optimist.”) But she’s serious about what she wants musically.

Walkup sings in a smooth alto that dives and loops and slips in between the melody. Some have compared her to Anita O’Day, but Walkup modestly concedes that’s far too generous a compliment. Her style varies. “… different sounds are appealing to me. 

I like a more rhythmic approach to words, and I think that’s true of most singers. Part of what draws us to the music is the lyrics. Although a lot of times it can also be a particular sound or phrase of the song that draws you to it initially, and then it grows into something else that encompasses the whole song, which refines your approach to stuff.” She hesitates and adds, “and then you’re always looking to push that a little bit further.”Walkup has lived in San Francisco since 1976. She made her musical debut in 1980 with the group Mixed Bags. In 1993 she formed Cathi Walkup’s Swing Thing, performing an eclectic combination of Jazz and swing. She studied voice with Hugh McClure and theory with Jim Grantham. 


“Quint-Essential” – $15.00 “Playing Favorites” – $15.00
quintessential 1.Your Can Fly (2)
2. Sugar (3)
3. Joys (Joy)(1)
4. Alone Together (4)
5. I Love Being Here With You (5)
6. Clouds (Nuages) (1)
7. You’re My Thrill (2)
8. Angelito (4)
9. Don’t Blame Me (5)
10. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (3)
11. I’ll Remember April (5)
12. Funhouse Mirrors (2)
13. I’m Old Fashioned (3)
14. Lagrimas (4)
15. Close Your Eyes (1)
favorites 1. Tanya’s Wicked Body
2. What Say?
3. Mambo de la Luna
4. The Ruby and the Pearl
5. Flying
6. The Last Light of Evening (Blood Count)
7. In These Shoes?
8. Down Here on the Ground
9. This Time the Dream’s on Me/Hit the Road to Dreamland
10. Soon It’s Gonna Rain
11. Hang Up & Drive
12. Not While I’m Around
13. Anthropology
14. Some Things Never Change
Vocals – Cathi Walkup (1), Shanna Carlson (2), Jenna Mammina (3), Sharmen Duran (4) and Jennifer Lee (5)
Vocals – Cathi Walkup, guitar – Brad Buethe
piano – David Udolf, flugelhorn – Dmitri Matheny
bass – John Wiitala, drums – Jim Zimmerman
“Living in a Daydream” – $15.00    
daydream 1. Little Suzie’s Humming
2. Nice Work If You Can Get It
3. Angel Eyes
4. Living in a Daydream
5. More Than Poor Clay
6. A Kiss to Build a Dream On
7. Cheek to Cheek
8. I Mean That
9. Reflections
10. Waffles and Hen
11. Favela
Vocals – Cathi Walkup, Vibes & flute – Jerry Grosz
piano – Vince DiCiccio, 7-string guitar – Robin Lewis
bass – John Wiitala, Bill Douglas and John Clark
guitar – Brad Buethe, Egg Shaker – Ian Dogole
saxophone – Harvey Robb, drums – Curt Moore