Dave Nugent – Jazz Tenor Saxophone

Dave Nugent                                      The Jazz Project Scene, Bellingham Branch
Back in 2003, Jud Sherwood asked me to assemble a group to perform a concert for the Jazz Project Art of Jazz Series. I knew right away that this wasn’t going to be just another gig. This would be an opportunity to write and showcase original compositions and hire inspirational players. 

In order to print the schedule for the 2004 Jazz Project season Jud needed to know who I wanted for the show. I had seen Blake Angelos, Larry Holloway and Milo Peterson play together and really liked their sound. Blake has always been my favorite piano player and you’ll notice his solos shine through on all the tunes. Larry Holloway’s playing is always powerful and inspires the whole band. And I’ve known Milo since 1980 when he taught jazz guitar at WWU. I have always found his drumming extremely innovative.

Given the freedom to assemble my own group, I also knew that I wanted guest saxophonists on the date. I narrowed it down to Ray Downey and Paul Sorensen–long time friends who guided me when I was first starting out. I’ve always loved the sound of 3 saxes, so that was another motivation for having Ray and Paul play. 

Thanks to Jud Sherwood and The Jazz Project, my loving supportive wife Bobbi Gerlick, Matt Gerlick, Blake Angelos, Larry Holloway, Milo Peterson, Ray Downey, Paul Sorensen, Dave Price, Talley Sherwood, Bob Ridgely, Allen Signs, Mark Kelly, Tom Sherwood, Ty Miles, Mystic (my cat), Mike Riggens, and Rajiv Misra. 

Message to the world: Ask yourself, Who Am I? Continue asking this question and simply look and listen deeply

Gates of Tolerance – $15.00
Nugent - gates 1. Come One In 
2. It’s All a Dream 
3. Steak Out
4. Ok Here We Go 
5. Southside Steps 
6. If It Hadn’t Been for You 
7. African Chant in F Minor
Dave Nugent – alto, tenor, soprano saxes
Paul Sorensen – tenor sax on tracks 3,5,7
Ray Downey – baritone sax on tracks 3,5,7
Blake Angelos – piano
Larry Holloway – bass
Milo Peterson – drums