Ed Neumeister – Trombone Technique


Ed Neumeister – Trombone Technique “through music”  $30.00  

In this book, world-renowned Ed Neumeister describes his philosophy and methods of practicing the trombone.

Most of his methods can be used for musicians of any instrument. He is a strong advocate of improvisation and musical expression, and  believes that we should always play with as much personality and feeling as possible within the given musical expression.

This book is a superb tool for the beginning as well as the experienced musician. Go here to listen to sound clips and buy his CDs.




About Ed Neumeister
About the CD Recording
Daily Routine
Concepts of practicing
The basics

Section One: Melodic warm up (*15 min.)

Melodic warm up text
Etudes 1 – 24

Section Two: Athletic stretches (5 min.)

Athletic stretches text
Stretch exercises

Section Three: Flexibility and Rangebuilding (10 min.)

Beginning lip flexibility and range building text
Beginning lip flexibility and range building exercises
Advanced lip flexibility and range building text
Advanced lip flexibility and range building exercises

Section Four: Tonguing (5 min.)

Tongueing text
Basic scale and tongueing exercises text
Scale and Tongueing exercises
Chord exercises

Section Five: Building Technique with Music (60 min.)

Building Technique with Music text

Section Six: Improvisation (10 min.)

Improvisation text
Examples of improvisation exercises text

* Minimum suggested practice time when spending approximately two hours per day working with the instrument.

See page 14 for complete suggested ‘Daily Routine”

The first is Ed playing the Etude on this page, and the second is a sample of an improvisation.

Etude #7 –  Improvisation #27