Hadley Caliman & Gary Hammon – Jazz Tenor Saxes

 B. Caliman & G. Hammon                     The Jazz Project Scene, Bellingham Branch
This CD features a classic Organ/Guitar/Drums Trio of Delvon Dumas, Nicholas Hoffman, and Jud Sherwood with dueling tenors Hadley Caliman and Gary Hammon
“Fangs” – $15.00
Hadley Caliman - CD-Fangs
1. Ugetsu
2. Are You for Me
3. Driftin’
4. Slightly in the Tradition
5. Fangs
6. Head
7. On a Misty Night
8. Linda
9. Rakin’ and Scrapin’
Hadley Caliman – tenor saxophone
Gary Hammon – tenor saxophone
Nicholas Hoffman – guitar
Delvon Dumas – Hammond B-3 Organ
Jud Sherwood – drums