Jerome Gray – Compin’ Jazz Piano

Jerome Gray – Compin’ Jazz – $20.00

Jazz piano studies with two-handed chord voicing for twelve standards. This book gives great insights into modern chord voicings from one of the masters of jazz. This book was written exclusively for World Jazz Scene. 

The covered tunes are Love Beautiful, M Pressions, Softly As In An Evening Sunset, In Your Own Nice Way, Star’s Sighs, William’s Bounce, Solarity, Ah! The Things, Little Child’s Eyes, Huge Steps, and Fall Leaves.

Well, ok, Gray’s humor messed with the titles a little, but we’re sure you can figure out which familiar melodies go with the tunes.

Below are two fragments of Blue Dolphin Avenue. Have you guessed the melody line that goes with these chord changes? Each tune has two versions. The second version of each piece is slightly more complex, but not necessarily more musical – busy is not always better.  
bluedolphin blueserious
 “Jerome Gray is reputed by musicians to be the best pianist who ever played in Seattle……” quoted from Jackson Street After Hours” by Paul de Barros, published by Sasquatch Books.

Gray’s students have included such well-known performers as guitarist Larry Coryell, vocalist Diane Schurr, and pianist Michael Wolff.Gray has been an educator of professionals for over 40 years.