John Carswell – Vocal, Blues


 John Carswell                  The Jazz Project Scene
carswell Blues Vocalist John Carswell and Drummer, Jud Sherwood. Carswell and Sherwood began working together in 1998 and have been laying down the groove together ever since. It’s Carswell’s incredible blues vocals that sets him apart from those who claim to play the blues. Carswell loves the good times and he loves to make you smile doing he does best. And he can sing the blues: makes you smile in a heartbeat, or makes you cry so your poor heart just skips a beat. Bass player, Larry Holloway quips: “that guy’s got more soul than James Brown.”


Over the course of his forty-year career, Carswell has played with Blues and R&B legends B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Tower of Power, and Ray Charles. Residing now in the Northwest he works between Seattle and Bellingham as frequently as the clubs can book him. Locally, he has performed at Resort Semiahmoo, Poppe’s Bistro, Skagit Valley Resort, and for the Jazz Project’s Art of Jazz Series.

Jud Sherwood, on drums, performs regularly throughout the Northwest with his own groups and by carefully assembling players from around the region to play jazz in concert and at clubs. He has performed with Herb Ellis, Bill Perkins, Teddy Edwards, John Stowell, Bert Wilson, and Nancy King. He founded The Jazz Project in February 1997 to increase performance opportunities for Jazz Musicians and to promote the music from a musician’s perspective of community development and education. He has received eight consecutive grants from Washington State Arts Commission.


Room With a View – $15.00 Blues Union – $15.00
Carswell - roomwithaview

1. Midnight Flyer
2. Breakin up somebody’s home
3. Let’s stay together
4. Room with the view of the blues
5. Hurtin house
6. I’ll play the blues for you
7. River’s invitation
8. The things I used to do
9. The danger zone

 Carswell - blues-union
1. Match Box Blues
2. Not Trustworthy (A Lyin’ Woman)
3. Goin’ Down Slow
4. Never Let Me Go
5. If You Live
6. Since I Met You Baby
7. See See Rider
8. Gotham City
9. Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Cryin’
John Carswell – vocals, B-3 Organ
Jud Sherwood – drums
John Carswell – vocals, B-3 Organ
Jud Sherwood – drums, Zane Rudolph – guitar
Brian Kent – tenor sax, Tom Anastasio – bass