Barney McClure – There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake… piano


Barney McClure – “There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake” (I Was Only Trying Something……..) $34.95   

There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake, is a “how-to” in improvisational jazz and is a popular hit with teachers who use it as a curriculum guide, and with instrumentalists and vocalists at any level who can use it as a self-help guide.   

The book personable, fun, and to the point. Beginning to advanced theory, left-hand styles, exercises, tons of examples, rhythmic styles, intros and endings, alternate scales, blues…… a wealth of information for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of jazz piano.

More about Barney, and some of his CDs.

…jazz pianist McClure with a great sense of compassion, humor and care, encourages you to learn to improvise.” — Chris Lunn, Victory Music Review