Jay Clayton – Vocal Practice CDs

Jay has taught vocal jazz at New York City College, the Banff Center in Canada, the Bud Shank Workshop in Port Townsend, Washington, the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado and in music schools in Cologne, Berlin and Munich, Germany, and in Graz, Austria. She also holds regular workshops with Sheila Jordan. Be sure to check out her best selling book, Sing Your Story.

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Jazz Vocal Practice Series Vol. 1 Jazz Vocal Practice Series Vol. 2
Digital Download – $14.95  
Digital Download – $14.95  

There are two Exercise Workouts on this CD. Both sequences of exercises have been designed for warming up, improving breath control, widening your range, and improving accuracy and intonation. Developing a good daily routine of working with the CD will help you develop control, strength, delicacy and flexibility, Your goal is to sing anything you feel and hear with ease. Random Partial Tracks 3 –4 – 8 – Workout 2 – 10 –11
Liner Notes Vol. 1

 Vamps to improvise over including 3/4 time, bebop, dorian, latin, 5/4, phrygian, and major and minor blues.Randy Halberstadt on piano. Samples of following tracks from the first two pages in the CD inset. 3/4BebopLatin No.112-bar Major Blues12-bar Minor Blues

Liner Notes – Vol. 2

 cd2a  cd2b